Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What The Given One Gave

I have no need He cannot fill
I have no hunger He can't feed
I have no anger He can't feel
I have no wound He cannot heal

He left a throne, born in a stall
He left it all for flesh and bone

I have no fear He cannot quell
I have no hell He can't defeat
I have no hate He can't out-love
I have no fate He cannot mete

He learned afresh of want and pain,
His loss to gain for bone and flesh

I have no thirst He cannot quench
I have no tears He cannot dry
I have no thought He cannot know
I have no word He cannot hear

From birth in creche to cross of wood,
Sin He withstood for blood and flesh

I have no work He did not give
I have no will His love can't move
I have no love that can match His
I have no sin He can't forgive

His tears a flood; His bones to crush
He gave His flesh; He gave His blood

It isn't just that He would die;
That it was He who had to give;
Or that He'd live to make all just;
It's that He'd do it all for me
It's that He'd do it just for me


DJG said...

That is beautiful Keith!

JP Manzi said...

That was beautiful Keith, thanks for sharing that brother.