Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hoc Est Corpus

I haven't been up to blogging this week; sorry. I think I'm having one of those episodes of post-50 "mental pause."

Here are some of my thoughts from leading at the table last Sunday, beginning with one short verse that takes place at the paschal meal, possibly at the end when the hidden matzoh is brought out to close the meal, and Jesus hands it to someone close to Him:

"As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him." John 13:27

That's a peculiar thing to read at the Lord's table, isn't it?

My point is that there's no magic in the matzoh.

There's no wizardry in the wine.

There's no "hocus pocus" in the phrase hoc est corpus - "This is the body."

There's no intrinsic protection from the Evil One in the emblems. Like Judas, who took the bread and went out the door a couple of verses later in John, we can take this bread and walk out the doors and betray our Lord any number of ways this week.

Or ...

We can choose to be changed. We can become what we eat. "You are what you eat;" that's the saying. We can become the Body of Christ. We can be living witnesses this week to His brutal crucifixion, His entombment until the third day, His glorious resurrection that guarantees our own - just as we are when we share this meal; when we dine on the divine.

I appreciate your prayers this week while I'm listening for what the Lord intends in my life.


David U said...

Great thoughts Keith! That was a Brenton classic. Thanks for blessing us with it. I will be prayerful for you this week.


DJG said...

That was great Keith.

I pray that you hear all that God is telling you.

Chad said...

Maybe you're just right in the middle of what you expressed at the're in the process of becoming, of transformation. I'm praying that this is a time of listening for you in order to proclaim. Thanks for your thoughts.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

"I think I'm having one of those episodes of post-50 "mental pause."

You're not the only one, Keith!! I SO understand this past (and current) week, myself.

I'll be praying for you as you spend some quiet time and reflect. I'll be your friend as you wait and listen.

Serena Voss said...

Keith, You have my prayers and I ask for yours.

Raymond Fleming said...


I'm praying that you hear God's voice and that there's peace and joy in what He says to you.

Fajita said...

Great take on communion. Love it. May God put you in His place.