Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Break in the Blog

I probably will not be able to post very much in the way of new thoughts here for the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday, I was selected to serve on a jury for a case which began today and which is docketed to last (at least) two weeks.

After these 8-hour days of listening to testimony, I will be dashing home to have a quick meal with my family before going to the office and squeezing 8 hours of work into (hopefully) no more than 3 or at worst 4 hours.

Tomorrow will be especially challenging, since new periodical postal rates have gone into effect and I can't train someone else in the office to correctly fill out the forms for mailing the periodical that I mail each week, because I'm not sure how to do it myself.

So I beg your ongoing prayers for me as I juggle what is essentially two jobs for a while, and also for Angi as she deals with the diagnosis and treatment of some hopefully minor health concerns.

UPDATE at 9:28am Wednesday, July 18: The case was settled late last night and my fellow jurors and I were excused this morning. Thanks for your prayers on this matter, and please continue on behalf of Angi.


k2 said...

dude, you have my prayers.

now on a different note ... DUDE! i really like your new look to the blog! i haven't visited the blog proper lately, i have been reading it in my google reader.

i think it is really cool!

JP Manzi said...

Well, good luck to you. My poor wife, though of course its her civic duty, just call pulled into jury duty. She just got off of 4 months of baby leave to do this.

TCS said...

done. as in consider it done.

DJG said...

Ditto...as in same thing TCS said.

salguod said...

I too love the new look. I hadn't seen it until today.

I'm preparing a new look (have been for months :-P) for my site and it now seems so boring. :-(

Lee Hodges said...

Cool Beans! Welcome back.